VocabDaily Workbook Level 8&9: Leader. Innovative. Visionary (8-9 Letter words




VocabDailyWorkbookLevel 8-9

 VocabDaily Workbook Level 8-9 providesa great resource that would help increase your student’s spelling and vocabulary.With effortless daily practice of studying vocabulary this method will surely prepareyour student to feel comfortable and has the capability to build confidence in theirsuccess in literacy.

 Vocabulary Builder
Thereare many challenges students face when trying to develop a skillto read and spell. At times a student may know how to read excellent but his orher spelling levels may not be as advanced as their reading levels are. Daily studies of effortless vocabularypractice will give your student the knowledge of new words and to conquering the fear ofspelling to write an essay, a story or maybe even a novel.

Succeed in Word Analysis Testing.
VocabDailystands for changing a student ability to accomplish learning two or more wordsa day. Soon enough your student will identify and recognize words if providedwith an analysis test. VocabDaily Workbook will surely improve your students reading and vocabularylevels.

What will your student learn from VocabDaily Workbooks
·Grade Level 6
·8&9 Letters Words
·Increase Vocabulary
·Strengthen Study Skills
·VocabDaily Test Sheets
·Assessment Checklist
·132 Words Total
·YouTube Flashcard Videos


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